May 25, 2005

Sunburn Deep Itching Solved

Last night my sunburn started itching. This was very suprising since the burn actually occurred some four days ago. The itching sensation was maddening since it was very deep and nothing seemed to satisfy it.

I tried the following with no success:

Cold Shower (1 hr+)

Ice Packs

Calamine Lotion


Oatmeal Bath

Manually stretching the Skin (painful but no help)

Nothing seemed to work, so I went for more drastic measures. The following combo fixed it after about 30 minutes:

100 mg Benodryl

2 Tylynol PMs

2 BG Headache Powders

Liberal application of White Vinegar to the affected area.

Your results may vary and I do not suggest or condone the Benodryl dose.

1 comment:

Alex said...

Solarcaine helps.