December 20, 2007

Anti-Santa: Tell someone about it.

Anti-Santa: Tell someone about it.

December 18, 2007

PNG transparency for MSIE 6

I ran into an issue last week with PNG and alpha transparency. It seems that most everything you read says that IE 6 supports PNG transparency with an easy hack. Used it, worked great ... so I thought.

What the majority of the articles don't spell out is that IE 6 only supports alpha transparency in PNG-32 format. Which unfortunately creates much larger file sizes as compared to PNG-8. :(

IE 7 however will display alpha transparency correctly in PNG-8 like the other popular browsers.

The sad fact is that around 30% of people using the internet are still on IE 6 as of this post. C'mon people upgrade your Internet Explorer browsers already. That or switch to Firefox, it's much faster anyway.

December 4, 2007

Firefox scroll bar aggravation

Fixed width centered layouts jump around in Firefox if the content scrolls on one page and not on another.

html {overflow-y: scroll;} FTW.