October 7, 2005

Call Level 3 - they're the ones that broke the Internet

If you can't connect to half the 'net, it's because Level 3 and Cogent are having a hissy spat over who's carrying more traffic, and Level 3 has responded by blocking access to their backbone. Call them at 720-888-1000 to tell them what you think.

Here's a link to cogent's site that shows their network status.

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Michael Greb said...

I'd be inclined to give Level 3 the benifit of the doubt considering Cogent's history of intentionaly blocking transit traffic to a provider after said provider depeered them to force the provider to repeer with them. They have a long history of using their customers as pawns when negotiating with other providers.

At this point, Level 3 has re-enabled the peering since Cogent did nothing to make other arrangments or tell their customers there would be problems which Level 3 thought was not fair to them. Cogent knew this was comming for more then a month before hand. Level 3 has given them another month, until Nov 9, now their customers will know for a month before hand.