January 27, 2005

This page contains both secure and nonsecure items

When using frames over https (ssl) some content must be present between the <noframes><body></body></noframes> html tags.

Dreamweaver leaves this blank by default which causes IE 6 to display the "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items" warning. Drove me nuts for an hour.


Anonymous said...

How did you get rid of this warning?

Anonymous said...

Open Internet Explorer:
from the Tools menu, choose Internet Options.

Click the Security tab and click the Custom Level option.

Scroll down the list of options and about halfway down there is a heading Miscellaneous.

Under the option "Display mixed content" change the radio button to "Enable" then click OK.

Click Yes at the prompt "Are you sure you want to change the security settings for this zone?"

It might be that you need to repeat this step for the Local Intranet, Trusted sites and Restricted Sites as well.